Il Triangolo: A Family Affair

The main ingredient in Mario Gigliotti’s kitchen is family. The proud owner of Il Triangolo Restaurant in Corona strives to keep his father’s “American Dream” alive.

“My father, Angelo, got the opportunity to purchase this building in 1982,” said Gigliotti. “He was later told to knock it down to make more apartments, but never wanted to do that because it was his dream to own a business.”

Gigliotti started working at a young age. Meanwhile, his father saved up the fruits of his children’s labor for their future.

“I was always working in different fields,” said Gigliotti. “I worked for the MTA and I had my own business in construction. It was always in the back of my mind to open up a bar or a restaurant, something in the food industry, because I always thought of what my father said about owning a business.”

Gigliotti’s opportunity came knocking when the previous owner of what was an Argentine restaurant retired. “It was my chance to open up a restaurant, so I got my father’s OK,” said Gigliotti.

For the past 15 months, Il Triangolo has been up and successfully running as a family-operated business. All desserts are made fresh by Gigliotti’s wife, Pierina. His daughter, Josefina, works the service bar; his son, Angelo, is a waiter.

“We’re known for our homemade pastas and authentic cooking,” said Gigliotti. “We make signature ravioli, cavatelli, tortellini, farfalle, fettuccine and spaghetti dishes, without adding butters or creams.”

Gigliotti is optimistic about the restaurant’s future.

“We are looking to expand,” said Gigliotti. “I see Il Triangolo as a landmark in years to come, as we keep a family-run business, and making homemade products for our customers.”

Il Triangolo is located at 96-01 Corona Avenue.  To learn more, call them at 718-271-1250 or visit iltriangolony.com.

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