Queens roads are in good shape, according to latest Transportation Dept. ratings

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Turns out the roads in Queens might not be as bad as many people think.

The Department of Transportation, who repairs and maintains roads throughout New York City, performs an ongoing street quality assessment of every street in the city over an 18-month period. The Independent Budget Office recently released a report based on the Transportation Department’s ratings from 2014 and 2015.

Roads are rated on a 1 to 10 scale; “poor” streets score from 1 to 3, “fair” streets score from 4 to 7 and “good” streets score from 8 to 10. The exception to the scale is that neighborhood streets that receive a score of 7 are classified as “good.”

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According to the report, 70.2 percent of roads citywide were found to be in good condition, 29.2 percent were in fair condition, and 0.6 percent were in poor condition. The roads that are in the best shape, rated at 75.1 percent of roads in good shape, can be found in Brooklyn, with Queens following close behind with 71.0 percent of the roads in good condition. Following Queens is the Bronx with 68.5 percent, Manhattan with 66.3 percent and Staten Island with 59.6 percent of roads in good condition.

When broken down even further, the ratings found that the neighborhood in Queens that had the best ratings for their roads is in Laurelton, with 84.9 percent of the roads in good condition. The worst neighborhood roads, according to ratings, are found in Kew Gardens, with 28.2 percent of the roads in good condition.

Click here to see a complete breakdown of the road ratings throughout the city.

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