Thank you Queens! You’ve helped QNS set an all-time viewership record in March

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We want to pause for a moment to thank all of you QNS users in Queens and beyond for helping our website achieve an all-time pageview record during March.

By the end of March, we received 717,115 page views in the month, smashing the all-time monthly record set in August of 2016, when QNS had 595,603 page views.

QNS launched in October of 2015, succeeding The Queens Courier’s website; in 2016, QNS recorded more than 5.4 million page views. The staff of The Queens Courier and the Ridgewood Times power the website’s content.

QNS continues its trend as the fastest-growing source for local news about the “World’s Borough,” covering everything from mob busts to massive credit card fraud rings as well as openings of new restaurants, young authors, immigration issuestrain shutdowns and rising utility bills.

Thank you again for your loyalty and support, and we pledge to continue providing the best coverage of all things Queens all year long!