‘Bayside is my heart’: Former Bell Boulevard boutique owner back in town with new life coaching practice

Photo by Jenna Bagcal/QNS

A former Bayside clothing store owner has returned to Bell Boulevard. But this time, she’s ready to help people find their inner beauty and peace.

Back in December 2018, Margaret Ioannou closed her 16-year-old company Karma Boutique in favor of following her “life purpose and mission” as an intuitive life and business coach and energy healer. Her new practice is located at 36-51 Bell Blvd., less than a block away from Karma.

“I’m so happy to be back in this community. I had opportunities to go work at other facilities, other places but it didn’t feel right in my heart because Bayside is my heart. All my clients are here and my clients have become my best friends. Honestly, I’m so grateful that I’m here,” Ioannou said.

Following a “personal transformation” last year, Ioannou decided to trade in a life of selling clothes to become a life coach. She said she did not expect to return to Bell Boulevard so soon but felt like she had “unfinished business” in the area.

“I feel like I’ve been doing this all my life because I had people sitting in my store for hours and speaking to me and I couldn’t understand why they were all attracted to me and why they were sitting there for hours,” Ioannou shared. “Everybody always told me they felt so good, they felt so light after they left me.”

“You don’t realize how, in 16 years, you’ve touched so many people’s lives,” she added. “You think you’re just doing your due diligence of working, having a store and providing a service to them. But it showed me in the end that that store was much more than just a shopping experience.”

For the three weeks since she’s been back on Bell, Ioannou has offered clients her life and business coaching services in addition to performing a form of Japanese energy healing called Reiki. She took classes and became an official “Reiki master” in 2018.

“[Reiki] releases any stagnant energy or blocks within the body. So I am pretty much a conduit for the universal life force energy and the energy goes through me and it goes to my client but their own energy heals within their body.”

She also helps people “shift their negative mentality into a positive mentality” with her life coaching practice. “I help them to create the life that they love using the universal laws of attraction,” Ioannou said.

In her short time seeing clients, Ioannou has received a wealth of positive feedback, with clients reporting that they feel “light” and “stress free” following sessions.

“Automatically they’re booking a second session, a third session. I have people buying packages to continue that feeling. It’s really important to remember that you have to commit to [taking] care of yourself,” Ioannou said.

Ioannou shared that one of the biggest positives of her new career is getting to spend more time with her three daughters. She would often have 70-hour weeks when she owned Karma, which prevented her from parental activities like going on class trips.

“Their lives were upside down — coming there, eating there, hanging out there. Now, we have that free time together,” Ioannou said. “We can cook together, we can do homework together, we have the weekends together. So I’ve created more time for them.”

To learn more about Ioannou’s services, visit euphorianyc.myshopify.com or Instagram @loveandlight_810. Those interested can also reach her by phone at 718-496-8536 or by email at [email protected]

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