Wall along LIRR line in Corona gets vivid, colorful redesign project from at-risk youth collective

Photo provided by Publicolor

Formerly covered in graffiti, the wall across the street from the Corona Arts and Sciences Academy is primed and ready for extensive makeover.

The Publicolor Paint Club, a design program for at-risk youth, recently partnered with the 110th Precinct and Councilman Francisco Moya’s office to paint a portion of the Long Island Rail Road wall that runs for three blocks on 44th Avenue in Corona with luminous stripes of green.

“Currently there is a large amount of graffiti on the walls and I thought art work would be a good way to combat the graffiti and bring more life to the area,” said Officer Blocker of the 110th Precinct, who initiated the project.

Publicolor is a stay-in-school youth development program that has holds programming for students three days a week for middle and high schoolers. If the students stick with the program through graduation, they become eligible for scholarships.

Volunteers working on the 44th Avenue wall. (Photo courtesy of Publicolor)

The funding for the project was provided through Moya’s office from the Cultural After School Adventurers program.

Last weekend a group of students from across the city began the task of painting grey primer over a graffiti to get it ready for the design. Painting will commence along the wall every Saturday until the expected end date on June 22. The 110th Precinct will close the street for the students on those days.

Student and family volunteers from Publicolor and Corona Arts and Sciences Academy will work with volunteers from the 110th Precinct.