People blame Trayvon Martin for sucker-punching George Zimmerman. Here are some facts these ignorant fools continue to ignore:

1. Zimmerman instigated the confrontation, provoked Martin into responding physically and then killed him, claiming legal justification.

2. Zimmerman profiled Martin as a “punk” instead of seeing him for what he was: a kid walking home with a soda and a bag of Skittles.

3. Zimmerman continued to stalk Martin even after the police dispatcher told him not to.

4. Zimmerman carried a gun, which caused a confrontation that he initiated to escalate from a misunderstanding into the death of an innocent teen.

5. Zimmerman now claims he fears walking in his own neighborhood because someone might take the law into their own hands and confront him, possibly assaulting him and maybe pulling a gun for a non-existent crime.

Now he knows what happened to Trayvon.

Robert La Rosa


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