By Tammy Scileppi

The Fisher Landau Center for Art has been quietly making a name for itself in the borough’s art scene since it opened its doors in 2003.

But the conversation should turn clamorous now that the Long Island City facility was named one of the Top 10 private contemporary art museums in the United States by Artnet News Oct. 20.

“It is a wonderful honor and testament to Emily Fisher Landau’s passion for collecting major works by artists who have gone on to shape the history of art over the last 50 years,” Nichloas Arbatsky, the museum’s director, said.

Housed in what was originally a parachute harness factory, the 25,000-square-foot museum began its second life in 1991 when Emily Fisher Landau turned the place into a private storage facility for her massive art collection.

The core of its unorthodox 1,500-work collection spans 1960 to the present and contains key works by such artists as Andy Warhol, Ed Ruscha, Kiki Smith and Jasper Johns.

Now through the early winter, art enthusiasts can check out two thought-provoking, cutting-edge exhibitions.

Artist Annette Lemiux’s “Things to walk away with” includes almost 100 objects she has collected over the last 30 years.

Occupying the entire first-floor gallery, Lemieux’s installation features such things as an Army helmet, pair of high heel shoes and an electric alarm clock precisely arranged in a grid, according to ascending height.

The artist’s ongoing exploration into the realms of memory and meaning is reflected here, allowing viewers to expand the narrative through interactive participation in a shared interpretation.

Lemieux, 58, explained the theme of her current works with these words: “memory and absence.”

As for her message? The artist said she is not attempting or striving for any particular one.

“What I can say, is that I love watching the viewers slow down — looking and studying the objects, perhaps bringing their own memories and/or curiosities to the object,” she said.

Although she now lives outside of Boston, Lemieux fondly recalled her early days as a rising star artist living in Manhattan for 12 years in the ’80s and early ’90s.

“One could say, I got my MFA living and exhibiting in the East Village with Cash/Newhouse Gallery,” she said. “There are many persons who I met at that time who I cherish and stay in touch with.”

And even though she hasn’t spent much time in Queens, she said Fisher Landau Art Center “would be a jewel anywhere.

The other current exhibition, “Altered Appearances,” occupies the second- and third-floor galleries, and presents nearly 70 works by 28 artists from the permanent collection.

Curated by Arbatsky, this exhibit explores haunting, other-worldly subject matter and ethereal images that are not always what they appear, utilizing innovative image processing and the construction of elusive architectural landscapes.

Highlights include photographs by Adam Fuss, featuring snakes, infants and moving water.

“The center is riding a wave of publicity with our current exhibition ‘Altered Appearances’ being named one of the 10 best private museum shows on view worldwide right now, as well as a recent feature in the New York Times ‘Two Good Reasons’ column, focusing on LIC,” Arbatsky said.

If You Go

Fisher Landau Center for Art

Where: 38-27 30th St., Long Island City

When: Thursday through Monday, noon – 5 pm

Cost: Free

Contact: (718) 937-0727

Website: www.flcart.org

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