Congressman Tom Suozzi is appointed by White House to bipartisan task force on reopening the U.S. economy as COVID-19 pandemic eases.

Congressman Tom Suozzi received an A+ rating from the Queens Presidents’ Co-op and Condo Council (PCCC) on Wednesday for his work on behalf of the co-op community and the 70,000 units of co-op housing represented by the organization. 

After meeting with PCCC to discuss pressing matters including co-op eligibility for Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans, the members unanimously agreed to award Suozzi with the highest rating bestowed by the organization. 

“I am honored to have received an A+ rating from the PCCC and am committed to continuing to fight for their cause during the coronavirus and beyond,” Suozzi said. “Co-ops and condos are an essential part of our Queens community and I will urge the federal government to make them eligible for PPP loans so they can remain financially solvent during this difficult economic period.” 

During the coronavirus pandemic, Suozzi has led several efforts to fight for co-ops and condos throughout Queens. 

On April 13, he sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Treasury and the Small Business Administration (SBA) asking them to issue guidance making co-ops and condos eligible for PPP loans under the CARES Act. 

On April 28, he led eight other New York City delegation members in a letter to the U.S. Department of Treasury and the SBA, once again asking them to issue guidance making co-ops and condos eligible for PPP loans. 

Similar to small businesses, cooperative and condominium owners and tenants are facing a number of hardships including declining revenues from shareholders who have lost their jobs, declining rental income from commercial tenants and vacant apartments that are unsold due to the current market, QNS reported in April. Many also report the inability to pay their essential workers, which will undoubtedly hurt tenant populations, many of whom are homebound seniors.

The PCCC, whose members represent over 40,000 units of Co-op and condo housing, said Suozzi’s grade is the result of his continuous effort and attention to issues of significant importance to its members. 

“Your office has always been a partner with us and responsive to the needs of the Co-op and Condo Community,” the Executive Committee of the Queens PCCC wrote in a letter to Suozzi.

The PCCC executive committee members are: Bob Friedrich, Co-President; Warren Schreiber, Co-President; Michael Kurtz, Treasurer Mark Ulrich, Vice President; Janice Schreibersdorf, Secretary; Geoffrey Mazel, Member at Large, General Counsel.


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