DAC honors hoop all-stars at annual game

All-star: “Made up entirely of outstanding or star performers; of or characteristic of all-stars or an all-star event; a member of an all-star team” is the definition stated in the Webster’s New World Dictionary.

DAC’S definition is Christina Agnello, Andie Karow, Michelle Mirabella, Keren Baruch, Zoi Kourkoumelis, Jillian Sucato, Donna Cafasso, Gina LoRiggio, Charlotte Tuckner, Nicole Davalos, Anna Lizzul, Katie Uriarte, Julia Fusfeld, Zoe Marguiles, Faye Zachariadis, Alana Glaubiger, Stephanie Mejia and Samantha Zelnick.

On Feb. 28, DAC held its senior all-star game. Don’t ever let it be said that basketball is a boys’ event. These girls were magnificent. No one team should win or lose in an all-star event. It’s a combination of talent, gracefulness and skill, the best of the best.

Congratulations to Andie Karow, who won the MVP. Not only did she score 19 points but she hustled to get rebounds and assist in many plays. Her team, we’ll call it the blue team, only beat out the red team by two points. Congratulations to foul-shooting winner Stephanie Mejia.

Back to our regular Monday night action, Pizza Chef’s Jackie Saturn looked like she never left. She scored 16 points but ran out of time. Zoi Kourkoumelis of Trio GCA put pressure on in the last quarter. Her four points were exactly what was needed for a 35-31 win.

Wood Designers’ Katie Uriate had a strong game defensively and offensively. Scoring an impressive 10 points in the first half alone, she was the star, as Wood Designers beat PJ Falci and Daughters Inc., 24-22.

It was a tough loss for PJ Falci and Daughters Inc. Katie and Christina Agnello scored 10 points apiece. Wood Designers’ Samantha Zelnick made two foul shots, and PJ Falci and Daughters’ Christina Trezza also made two foul shots.

Faryn Kusher’s play made the difference, as she got the rebound in the last quarter and passed it to Zoe Marguiles, who tipped it in the basket with less than 26 seconds on the clock. Talk about excitement.

DAC Novice League

The DAC Novice League is winding down to its season’s end. The playoffs were to start March 11. This season has been filled with many exciting games, most of which have come down to the final buzzer. This past week had its share of final-second drama, so here is a look.

Bayside McDonald’s Knicks 24, Pier 25 A Mavericks 21.

These two teams have battled every time they met this year with the games being decided in the final segment. This one was no different, with the Knicks edging the Mavericks. Balanced scoring by Knicks Aaron Geffen, Josh Pernick, Matt Ehrlich and Mike Strassberg held off the late charge of those pesky Mavericks.

Matthew Hacker’s 17 points led the Mavericks. Tough defense by Adam Strumpf along with the great play of Chris Constantopoulos, Dan Widawsky and Luke Kaplan was the difference in this game.

PJ Falci and Daughters Sixers 19, Washington Mutual Spurs 17.

This game proved to be another battle between two teams that was decided in the final segment as the Sixers held off a second-half charge by the Spurs. Led by the fearsome foursome of Mike Levin, Keith Rosengarten, Tommy Potamatis and Andrew Rathaus, the Spurs battled back after being down early in the game by as many as 10 points.

The Spurs were as close as two points going into the last segment, but Sixers’ Guard Justin Braswell was the difference. Justin’s 13 points along with a tough defense stand by Teddy Lampropoulos, Dylan Laube and Jonathan Rosoff held off the Spurs.

Pier 25 A Mavericks 26, DePhillips Sports Lakers 18.

Considered by many to be the sleeper team of the upcoming playoffs, the Lakers lost a tough game to the Mavericks. The offensive trio of Mike Mendez, Max Arm and Connor Leavens along with the defense of Greg Gottfried, Jake Schneider and David Schisler just could not match the firepower of point guard Matthew Hacker, Scott Strumpf and Chris Constantopoulos.

PJ Falci and Daughters Sixers 36, Bayside McDonald’s Knicks 35.

This matchup was a back-and-forth battle in one of the league’s most entertaining games of the season. Contributions on defense came from Knicks Tyler Lee and Keith Baron and Sixer Dylan Laube. Two of the league’s super guards, Aaron Geffen and Justin Braswell, battled back and forth but the Sixers edged the Knicks on a last-second shot by Anthony Agnello. Agnello, who had six points in the final segment, was the difference.

Cascarino’s Nets 18, Washington Mutual Spurs 18 (OT-tie).

These teams battled to their first tie of the season. In a game that saw many lead changes by both teams, the contest came down to defense.

The Nets were led by the combination of Anthony Kelly, Dennis Frame and Anthony Zullo. Zullo made two clutch free throws to tie the score in overtime. On the final play of the game, the Nets designed a final play to pull out the victory, but excellent defense by Joseph Davide and Zachary Zayas prevented a last-second chance by the Nets to steal the game.

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