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MTA Quicker Than Old Green Buses

I read with some amusement the “concern” expressed by some of our local politicians (Joe Addabbo) that the MTA takeover of Green Bus Lines might not be in the best interest of the public. I have ridden Green Lines (Q-37) for over 20 years and the only way the service could have gotten worse would’ve been if they sent an old dying mule along the route to pick us up! Now with the MTA I no longer wait an hour for a bus; there is one every 10 minutes, and the “Not In Service” signs are missing the workout they got with Green Lines. I must say that when standing on that long Green Bus Line, I never had the pleasure of seeing any of our local politicians on the line with me. Perhaps their “concern” is more for the loss of the Green Bus Lines contribution to their campaign war chests than the welfare of the riding public.
Ann Rychlenski
Ozone Park

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