P.S. 169 Sprucing Up For 50th Anniversary

P.S. 169, The Bay Terrace School, has been undergoing a facelift this spring. The Department of Education installed new wrought iron fencing across the front of the school. This should help prevent the graffiti and vandalism that have occurred in the past. Additionally, a brand new fence was erected around the schoolyard, replacing the sagging, unsightly enclosure.
Our own school custodians scraped, primed and repainted the existing iron fence around the side (23rd Street) of the building. The custodial staff went &#8220above and beyond” to help get our school ready for its 50th anniversary. Rosario Migliore, Ray Smith, Dave Mshar, Michael Lauritsch, Joseph Meyerwitz, Eddie Velazquez and Keith Hennin take great care of our building and we appreciate the many small things they do everyday to keep it beautiful. We want to publicly thank them for their hard work and efforts on behalf of P.S. 169, our children and the community.

Karen Bodnar and Ruth Fanelli and the P.S. 169 PTA

Flyers And The Right Of Free Speech
&#8220Law Would Ban Flyers & Leaflets” (Zachary Braziller - June 29) concerning the distribution of public flyers is disappointing to residents of Queens who cherish free speech. Perhaps GOP State Senator Frank Padavan has forgotten about the Bill of Rights and First Amendment.
Consider the great obstacles challengers face as candidates for public office. Incumbent members of the GOP State Senate or Democratic State Assembly have direct access to tax revenue to pay for numerous mailings on a regular basis. Public officials on the City, State and Federal level waste tens of millions of dollars each year on these mailings. By coincidence, they accelerate in volume several months prior to election time. They might be cleverly disguised as public service announcements, but in reality, they are an extension of their reelection campaign efforts.
Underdog candidates have little or no funding, and must count on volunteers to do door-to-door literature drops. Would this be outlawed under his bill as well?
Many Mom and Pop stores can't afford expensive mailings or ads that Senator Padavan and his colleagues regularly take out offering holiday greetings all year long. Small businesses provide jobs to students and seniors who deliver their flyers door-to-door.
Why not amend Padavan's bill to allow voters to opt out of mass mailing lists of elected officials? This would reduce litter in our mailboxes and save public funds for better uses.

Larry Penner
Great Neck

Help Is Just Around The Corner
I was deeply distressed and saddened to hear about the circumstances surrounding the tragic apartment fire that seriously injured an elderly man and over a dozen firefighters and others in Sunnyside on July 2. I hope that everyone recovers fully and quickly.
I would like to take this opportunity to remind your readers that Sunnyside Community Services, just a few blocks away from the incident, is here to help. We provide assistance to elderly residents at our Senior Center and in their homes. Among our services are case management, including home care, friendly visiting, telephone reassurance, geriatric mental health services, and assistance to caregivers of frail or cognitively impaired seniors. If we are unable to help directly, we can make referrals to appropriate service providers and help advocate to receive them.
If your readers know any seniors who are isolated, depressed, or otherwise in need of some help, I hope they will call SCS at 718-784-6173 ext.131 and ask for Joanne Lehman, LCSW, or visit us at 43-31 39th Street, in Sunnyside.

Judith Zangwill
Executive Director, Sunnyside
Community Services

Lessons Of History
It seems that we Americans never learn the lessons of history. The Iraqi war has now become Vietnam No. 2 and the Afghan war is now Vietnam No. 3. Moreover, the White House is now considering an attack on Iran, if it does not give up its nuclear program.
The casualties are growing by the week. It seems that there is no end in sight. It is so bad now that the administration in Washington does not have enough money to protect its borders and our own New York City.
The casualties are now starting to hit home. Our area is now seeing military funerals. It seems as if Vietnam never ended.

Nicholas J. Golegos

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