Teens coerced into sex

By Tom Tracy

A Pakistani immigrant from Bay Ridge has been charged with coercing sex from two devout Islamic teen girls, claiming he would tell their parents they were having sex with their boyfriends – a horrific charge in their culture – if they didn’t go to bed with him. Officials from the Kings County District Attorney’s office said that Mohammed Naseer, 47, allegedly had sex with the two girls, sisters ages 17 and 18 – after fabricating the alleged lies he intended to tell their parents. The girls reportedly bowed to Naseer’s demands, knowing that if the allegation surfaced – even if it was untrue – their conservative parents would follow Islamic law to the letter and send them back to Pakistan to, possibly, be put in prison. According to officials, Naseer, a friend of the Bay Ridge family, allegedly approached the 18-year-old in late October and told her that he knew she had a boyfriend. He then threatened to tell her parents that the teen was having sex with the boyfriend if she didn’t have sex with him, officials alleged. Once he told the girl’s father, Naseer threatened that she would be sent back to Pakistan and killed, officials alleged. “If you don’t do what I want, I will tell your father that you had sex with your boyfriend and if your father does not kill you, I will kill you,” he said, according to court documents. “No one will find your body.” Prosecutors charge that Naseer allegedly picked up the 18-year-old from her high school and brought her to the Golden Gate Inn in Sheepshead Bay, where the victim agreed to have sex with him. Naseer allegedly picked the girl up from her high school twice more in November and had sex with the 18-year-old. Then, on December 8, Naseer again brought the teen to the Golden Gate Inn to have sex, but the 18-year-old refused, demanding that he stop blackmailing her. The 18-year-old, however, never brought the allegations to police. Instead, it was her 17-year-old sister who contacted police, alleging that Naseer had blackmailed her sister and had sexually abused herself as well. The younger teen charged that Naseer made the same threats he made to her older sister, but instead of taking her to a hotel, drove her to a train station in the Bronx, where he allegedly sexually abused her. Prosecutors charged Naseer with two counts of sexual misconduct, one count of attempted sexual misconduct and harassment. If convicted of the top count, Naseer could be sentenced to a year in prison. An attorney for Naseer told the New York Post that he was certain that his client would “be vindicated in the legal process.”

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