Major Automotive is place for electric cars

New York City may be a little bit greener, thanks in part to Major Automotive in Long Island City. The car dealership has been selected as the exclusive distributor of Miles Electric Vehicles for the metropolitan area.
“Because it serves such an important market, Major Automotive is going to play a pivotal role in our company’s future and, for that matter, the future of electronic vehicle adoption in this country,” Miles CEO Jeff Boyd said.
The electric cars were delivered to Major Automotive earlier this month. The line includes hatchbacks and work trucks. The company will be releasing a high-speed sedan in the fall of next year. Cars are priced between $13,000 and $16,000 depending on model.
“All-electronic vehicle technology is undergoing huge advances, and Miles is quietly taking the lead,” Major Automotive President Bruce Bendell said.
Bendell hopes the cars can be implemented into New York area fleets and on college campuses. Possible uses include mail delivery, parking enforcement, and transportation.
The low-speed vehicles can drive about 50 or sixty miles on a single charge, depending on a person’s driving habits, said Boyd. The cars can be charged by using 110-volt outlets. These outlets can often be purchased directly from the car distributor.
The high-speed sedans will be able to run about 120 miles on a single charge, and will be able to hit speeds of 80-miles-per-hour.
Miles customers needing maintenance on their vehicles may take them to Major Automotive, as the dealer will have mechanics trained to repair the cars.

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