CB 8 newsletters, reports keep residents in-the-know

By Bob Harris

From September to June, Community Board 8 and District Manager Marie Adam-Ovide issue reports to the community through a newsletter and written report. The city agencies that service CB 8 meet with them periodically as the District Service Cabinet to give reports and obtain feedback from us.

The newsletters usually have listed a number of establishments in the CB 8 area which are applying for liquor licences. These notices are to inform residents that the business' liquor license is being considered by the State Liquor Authority. Every establishment with a liquor license has its own SLA file. All correspondence about the business is put in the file. Every license has to be renewed periodically.

If you and your neighbors have a problem due to the selling of spirits in a business near your residence, complain. If there is noise or other problems, contact the 107th Precinct. It will notify the SLA. Also notify CB 8 and the SLA in writing. Keep a copy of what you write. If there is nothing in writing, then there is no evidence against a “bad” establishment.

In March, Adam-Ovide reported that the 107th did not receive any officers this year. New officers go to precincts which have a high number of reported crimes. If there is no report with a follow-up visit to fill out a report form, the incident never happened, our reporting level is low and we do not receive officers.

The Con Edison Web site has said electrical usage has increased by 23 percent due to the purchase of personal computers and flat screen TVs. These electronic items should be turned off at the surge protector, since they continue to consume energy when not in use.

The city Sanitation Department has informed the community that Jewel and Harvey Van Arsdale avenues between 161st Street and Parsons Boulevard will become a snow route. This is part of the Traffic Calming Project the city Department of Transportation is doing by PS 200.

The old concrete deck at the Queens approach to the Throgs Neck Bridge is being replaced since it has reached the end of its service life.

CB 8 mentioned that the Fresh Meadows Development is requiring permits for people to park on its streets. It seems that its streets are private. It has posted signs and threatens to tow illegally parked cars.

Sanitation now has the usual summer night-time garbage collection. Sanitation workers start at 6 a.m. and end at 2 p.m. Also, remember that it is illegal to water between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. because it puts a drain on water and the sun evaporates much of the water.

The city Consumer Affairs Department reported that it continues to seize vehicles of contractors operating without licenses.

The city has announced that there will be improvements on the two-mile area along Hillside Avenue from the Van Wyck Expressway to 191st Street. Due to the Jamaica rezoning, this area can be built up to eight stories. There will be sidewalk and curb repair, catch basins and hydrant replacements, new street lights, upgraded trash cans and new street trees and tree pits, except where they interfere with the subway line underneath Hillside Avenue.

GOOD AND BAD NEWS OF THE WEEK: Our service members are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, but the nature of those roadside bombs they encounter is that many are suffering brain damage. U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) has introduced a bill to improve military health care.

Regretfully, tens of thousands have suffered brain damage. If more stem cell research was permitted, perhaps these injured could be helped more.

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