Massage your pains away

By Joe Palumbo III

The age-old stereotype is that massage therapy is either a luxury or an outfit offering a service probably best kept a secret. Actually, massage therapy is a medical field earning its stripes and one that can be a medical miracle for some and an effective treatment for others.

I sat down and met this week with Kathleen Vincent, whose office is at 214-32 43rd Ave. in Bayside. She has an impressive resume, which includes working at the US Open and with tennis superstars Jennifer Capriati and the Williams sisters, among others.

“I currently treat patients with multiple sclerosis, various cancers, arthritis, tendonitis, severe headaches, depression and anxiety,” she said. “In this day and age, with stress being what it is in the business world, I also treat quite a few professionals in high stress areas of employment.”

She added: “My father was ill and was put on the hospice program, which usually means that you generally have only months at best to live. I applied massage therapy to my dad and he lasted another two years, because the massages had aided in his circulation and respiration.”

“But how about serious illnesses like cancer?” I asked. “Can massage therapy actually help?”

“Absolutely,” Vincent said. “The circulation caused by massage therapy assists in creating new blood cells, which in turn releases and takes away old toxins stored in the body.” She added that it is important to only visit a licensed massage therapist for your medical needs.

So How's Business in the world of massage therapy? Statistics conclude that consumers spent $4 billion to $6 billion on massage therapy visits last year. It may be an untapped medical resource we can benefit from. Contact Kathleen Vincent at 917-662-0878.

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