Gangs Must Go

What happened at 6 p.m. near the No. 7 station in Jackson Heights is every parents’ nightmare. Nicholas Donaldi−Subero, the 19−year−old son of a Metropolitan Opera singer, was stabbed to death, allegedly by up to 10 Latin Kings members.

Police and other sources say one Latin King had been knifed earlier in the day and the gang was looking for revenge. Police say Donaldi−Subero, of Manhattan’s Upper East Side, may have been a member of rival gang ABK (Always Banging Kings).

This violence must stop. Queens residents must work with the police and schools to combat gangs. Immigrant gang members in this country illegally should be deported. Police should be allowed to infiltrate gangs, identify gang leadership and keep a leash on all gang members.

Teachers should shatter gang membership myths. The punks who killed this man were cowards. Radio stations that play music glorifying gangs should be held accountable. Businesses sponsoring them should be put on notice.

Hopefully, this senseless killing will be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Queens residents must say out loud gangs will not be tolerated.

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