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Love and Romance - You Can Be Lucky!

As Valentine’s Day approaches, people often become melancholy about their current love lives. Repeatedly I have heard, “I guess I’m just not lucky in love.” Many people believe that luck, in love or in any endeavor, is simply
up to fate and may be something you are either born with or without. I do not believe either is true.
Luck is something that can be cultivated.
In his book “The Luck Factor,” Dr. Richard Wiseman talks about the four principles of luck and I believe they are the foundation for turning your life and perspective into one filled with lucky events, experiences and joys.
Below are the principles and how you can use them in your life today to turn love, romance, or any other part of your life from unlucky to lucky.

Maximize Your Opportunities

Lucky people create, notice and act upon chance opportunities in their lives. Next time you are out and about open your eyes to the possibilities of meeting someone. Look around, make eye contact, smile, be relaxed. Take advantage of new experiences and activities. Try shopping at a different grocery store, take a different path when walking home, take a class of something that interests you. All of these things will maximize your opportunities for luck to take place.

Listen to Your Lucky Hunches

Lucky people make successful decisions by using their intuition and gut feelings. It is so important to both listen and strengthen your intuition. Strengthen your intuition by taking note of what your intuition is telling you. Jot it down. For example, try doing this after every date. Then as the relationship progresses you will be able to prove to yourself that your initial intuitive hunches were correct. This practice will not only strengthen your intuition but the proof of it’s accuracy will give you greater courage to trust your intuition and act upon it more readily.

Expect Good Fortune

Lucky people’s expectations about the future help them fulfill their dreams and ambitions. You will experience what you expect to experience so be vigilant with your thoughts. People who expect that good things will happen to them end up with good things happening to them and those who expect the opposite experience the opposite. Even in the face of obstacles, it is found that those that expect a positive outcome persevere and realize their dreams. Identify a place in your life where you hold low expectations and rewrite it with high expectations. Read it to yourself everyday until you can fully embrace it.

Turn Your Bad Luck into Good

Lucky people are able to transform their bad luck into good fortune. We all experience “bad luck” or have bad things happen in our lives but if you can see the positive side of the bad experience and believe that there is something valuable to be gained by it, more good luck will come your way. In addition to this attitude, lucky people reach out for help and take steps to rectify what has gone wrong so that it can be a source of good luck in the future. Reaching out to a coach is a great way to turn the negative in your life into a positive. In my practice, I help people to learn from the negative and to set clear steps to ensure that the negative patterns are not repeated. I am a big believer that all of the experiences we have are there to serve us to be better, live better and be happier. Reach out to me and find out how to do it!
I wish you a Valentine’s Day filled with love and luck. Make this year’s holiday be about being good to yourself, nurturing yourself, appreciating yourself and cultivating the good luck that is to be yours. You are worth it!

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