Get fit while having fun

Although we all understand the importance of exercise, it’s still not something that is enjoyable or easy to do. In fact, many people don’t do it at all. But, others just find it hard to get into a fitness routine, and may need a little extra something to get motivated.

If going to a regular gym doesn’t sound like a good time, there are plenty of other options to get fit that are unique and offer an added element of fun.

By finding the fitness program that suits you best, you can create an exercise program that you actually want to do.

Here are just some of the options that are out there:

Manhattan Boot Camp

For anyone who has ever watched a boot camp scene in a movie and thought “I can do that,” Manhattan Boot Camp offers a chance to see if they’re right.

Using certified fitness instructors, Manhattan Boot Camp “will help you lose fat, gain muscle, reduce stress and increase your strength and flexibility,” according to its web site.

It is designed for all fitness levels and includes fitness assessments, nutrition counseling, motivational instruction and fitness training. Each session of the program lasts for 12 weeks. Classes are held in Central Park.

For more information, visit www.manhattanbootcamp.com, call 917-549-8998 or e-mail [email protected].


ZogSports has different sports leagues each season that give participants a chance to stay active, meet new people and have some fun.

The leagues are co-ed and there are ones to accommodate all sports levels. They are held in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

Some of the leagues ZogSports offers include touch football, dodge ball, outdoor and indoor soccer, volleyball, kickball, softball, basketball, wiffle ball, touch rugby and floor hockey.

Involvement in ZogSports is also a way for players to help others, with a portion of all proceeds donated to charity.

To find out more about ZogSports, visit www.zogsports.org or e-mail [email protected].

Wii Fit

If playing video games is how you like to spend your free time, turn that video game console into a fitness program. Wii Fit is one of the “games” that has made that possible.

This fitness training game comes with a Wii Balance Board. Players get to create their own profile and also start off by doing some tests to check their body mass index and Wii fit age.

Wii Fit offers different types of exercises, including strength training, aerobics, yoga and balance games. It also allows users to track their results and set goals for themselves.

Wii Fit Plus will soon be released, increasing the amount of features the game has.

For more information, visit www.Nintendo.com.

Flirty Girl Fitness

Flirty Girl Fitness helps people get fit using dance moves to create a variety of aerobics-style workouts.

“Flirty Girl Fitness is the hot, new body makeover system that takes the world’s sexiest dance moves, from music videos, club dancing, even exotic dancing, and turns them into fast, fun, fat-burning routines that anyone can do,” the web site states.

Also made to accommodate all fitness levels, some of the DVD programs include Booty Beat, Just Teasing, Chair Fit, Chair Dancing and Pole Dancing.

To learn more about Flirty Girl Fitness, visit www.flirtygirlfitness.com or call 1-800-862-9441.


Launched a little more than a year ago, LiveStrong.com was built by Demand Media and the Lance Armstrong Foundation as “the definitive health, fitness and lifestyle destination.”

The site also explains that the “mission is to help people take charge of their life by providing a full 360 degree view on diet and nutrition, fitness, personal and health-related topics.”

While providing information on health and fitness, the web site also includes a “Dare to Change Your Life” feature. Some of the changes it dares people to make include quitting smoking, getting more sleep, losing weight and exercising regularly.

Cyclist Lance Armstrong, a cancer survivor who is an inspiration to many, is involved with the site as a strategic advisor and ongoing content contributor.

Navy SEAL Fitness Challenge

If someone is really looking for a way to challenge their fitness skills, the NAVY SEAL Fitness Challenge could prove to be an interesting option.

The challenge “closely mirrors the initial physical screening test given to anyone who desires to become a US Navy SEAL.” The challenge includes swimming, push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups and running.

It is open to men and women who are 13 years of age or older. There is no fee to enter.

The challenges have been held throughout the country, including in California, Illinois, Georgia, Arizona, Texas and Washington.

More information on the Navy SEAL Fitness Challenge can be found at www.sealfitnesschallenge.com. The web site also includes information on training for the challenge.

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