Albany lawmakers skirt reforms

I just read in one of the local papers that state Assembly members David Weprin (D-Oakland Gardens), Nettie Mayersohn (D-Flushing) and Grace Meng (D-Flushing) are pushing for a bill to ban smoking in cars with children.

Of course, common sense dictates you should not smoke in your car with kids or even adults for that matter. But a $1,000 fine? Nanny state government is coming to a roadway near you. And if that is not enough, how about the soda tax, salt ban proposal and home-baked goods now banned from school fund-raising events?

Here is a novel idea: How about concentrating on our insolvent state, city slush fund scandal, elected officials being indicted almost daily, tapped-out taxpayers and a budget that is $8 billion out of balance?

These guys do not get it. It is time to clean house and give others a chance.

Bob Friedrich


Glen Oaks Village

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