A special gift for a special mom

In the history of the world, according to medical records, there have been around 200 cases of mothers who gave birth to sextuplets. In the United States, Digna Carpio has the fame of being the only Hispanic one.

For this unique reason – and many others that distinguish this mom – the resident from Whitestone received an invitation to appear on a special Mother’s Day taping of the Spanish-language program “Don Francisco Presenta” in Miami, the most viewed program across the nation in any language during its Wednesday 10 p.m. time slot. The Mother’s Day special aired on Wednesday, May 5 on the local Univision Channel 41 affiliate.

“Those where an amazing three days,” said Carpio. “I really needed a recess. They were great people, the hotel was great and the limo was great. They treated me real great.”

But being a mom of six eighteen-month-old children and a nine-year-old has its share of complications.

Despite Carpio’s luxurious limousine, spa day and makeover before she arrived on the set for her interview with Mario Kreutzberger that is, “Don Francisco,” she continued to be preoccupied with the health of one of her little boys, Jaden. Jaden had been in and out of the hospital with respiratory problems and still had not gained the strength to walk like his siblings. During the taping, Carpio announced that the doctor told her he might not be able to walk properly, but that he is getting therapy.

“A touching moment, which you will see in the show, is when [Digna] says ‘I’ll be back on the show and this boy will walk,’” said Claudia Isabel Vásquez, the show’s producer, about the emotional taping. “She’s 100 percent sure and has the determination that she will make it happen.”

When The Queens Courier reached out to Carpio for comment, she had returned to the hospital not with Jaden this time, who’s at home though still hooked up to a respiratory machine, but with the other five – Genesis, Daniela, Justin, Joel and Jezreel – who had coughs and fevers.

“I’m really grateful for all they did and are doing for me. They made me feel like a Queen,” she said over the phone from the hospital. “Those three days of rest have given me the strength and motivation to be here today. They made me feel important.”

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