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Arrest the spill criminals

The oil spill in the Gulf is a horrendous act of environmental terrorism resulting from BP’s failure to plan on the worst-case scenario. The government agency that played along with Big Oil was beyond grossly negligent. One wonders where criminality begins punishing greed that permitted a Wild West adventurism to deep water drilling.

NASA has explored space and brought men back from the moon. If men can travel 250,000 miles and return safely to the earth it is enraging that a hole one mile beneath the surface of the Gulf continues to spew its poison.

BP’s efforts to end the flow have been one disaster after another.

Incompetency should be the new catch phrase for the company. With each failure BP announces another strategy which is always days away.

The relief well will not be completed into August or later. Assuredly Vegas odds-makers are betting that August is really the earliest date BP has a hope to stop the flow. Strangely no one has inquired what would be the consequences if the relief well fails to end the flow of oil.

This catastrophe is not of Obama’s making but he will shortly own this mess.

Somewhere there must be an engineer who can come up with the means to end the flow.

Edward Horn



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