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Dishing with Dee: Cops, residents come together for boro National Night Out

By Dee Richard

Tuesday was our National Night Out Against Crime. It was a lovely evening weather-wise. Our first stop was the 109th Precinct’s event on Barclay Avenue and Union Street in Flushing. While there, we ran into Debbie Markell, Mathew Silverstein, Mary Conratty, John Messer, Sal Bacarella with a young friend, members of the 109th Community Council as well as District Attorney Richard Brown accompanied by Jesse Sligh, his executive assistant DA.

From there it was off to Modell’s at the Douglaston Shopping Center. The first person I met was Bryce Real Estate Broker Rod O’Connell and a friend; state Sen. Frank Padavan’s daughter, Allison; and Barbara and Ralph Barba, who were manning the Little Neck Lion’s Club booth dishing out free hot dogs. It was a nice turnout for the 111th Precinct, which was represented by Lt. Daniel Heffernan, Inspector Sarco, Kathleen Lai and Jack Freid of the 111th Community Council and Michael Agnello of the city Parks Department.

Our last stop was the 107th Precinct Night Out in the Electchester Shopping Center. We had gotten there rather late and it was almost over, but Carolann Foley and Stevie Gotheimn, both of the 107th Precinct Community Council, were still there as well as auxiliary police members Kathleen McKenna, Hector Reyes and Richard Munoz. Many of the electeds who should have been at the events were conspicuous by their absence, as they were up in Albany trying to agree on passing the budget. But it was nice to see the residents of the communities out to have some fun while showing support for their local precincts.

On Thursday night, the Sheraton La Guardia East in downtown Flushing held a VIP appreciation night on its terrace gardens. It was a beautiful night. I sat at the table with good buddies, including Myra Baird-Herce, Joanne DeMartino and Debbie Markell. We all enjoyed the great food prepared by Executive Chef Kevin Wong as well as the attention of the hotel’s director of public relations, Herbie Fang. Some nice young men at the table next to us volunteered to take a photo of us ladies. It was a fun evening in a lovely place I didn’t know existed.

On Friday afternoon, I went to the North Shore Rehabilitation Association on Northern Boulevard in Great Neck, L.I. A few weeks ago, I injured my sciatica again and decided I just couldn’t go through that excruciating and debilitating pain again.

On Saturday, attorney Joe Kasper and his brother, Michael, held a barbecue birthday party for their mother, Gertrude. It was her 90th. It was held in Joe’s backyard in Ozone Park. Again, the weather was beautiful. Joe’s wife, Linda, and Michael’s wife, Eva, were the hostesses with the mostest. They both saw to it that everyone had a great time. Joe’s children — Maria, Regina and Joseph Jr. — had lots of fun with the other children in Joe’s pool. They had enough food to feed an army. Bob and Carol Schwartz, John Spavins, Mitch Schwadron and about 60 other guests helped Gertrude enjoy her day.

On Sunday, the Barbas celebrated their 20th anniversary by renewing their marriage vows. It was a lovely ceremony in St. Anastasia’s Church in Douglaston. Monsignor George Ryan officiated. Afterward, there was a luncheon reception in the newly redecorated Douglaston Manor. What a beautiful job they have done.

The guest list was a roster of Who’s Who in northeast Queens. To name a few people you might be familiar with: Padavan, Maura and Jim Wrynn, Chet and Marion Szarejko, Frank Milwiski, Bill and Barbara Bart and the list goes on. It was a large extended family on both Ralph and Barbara’s side. As they were both married before, there were numerous children as well as lots of grandchildren. Barbara, be sure to include us on the list for your 40th anniversary party.

After the Barba event, we all stopped in at Marchello’s La Gratta and were introduced to Miriam Estreich, a resident of North Shore Towers, who was celebrating her 90th birthday. Both the 90-year-old birthday ladies, when asked the secret to their longevity, said they enjoy a glass of red wine with their meals. Maybe we should try it and who knows — we might all make it to our 90th birthdays. If not, think of all the fun we can have along the way

That’s it for this week.

I look forward to hearing from you with information on people, parties and politics or gossip.

I like receiving your voice mail at 718-767-6484, faxes at 718-746-0066 and e-mails at deerrichard@aol.com.

Till next week, Dee.

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