Bloomberg Joins Padavan to Speak to Voters

With time winding down for candidates to reach voters before the election, Senator Frank Padavan was joined by Mayor Michael Bloomberg to speak to residents of the Floral Park Cooperative North Shore Towers on Friday, October 29.

Padavan is seeking re-election to his 11th district State Senate seat against former City Councilmember Tony Avella.

“Frank is independent. He has voted against his party depending on how he sees it,” Bloomberg said. “I don’t always agree with Frank, but what I respect more than anything is he does what he thinks is right and not what he’s told by his party leaders.”

While speaking to residents Padavan said the campaign had become negative and addressed information that had been sent out saying he was against mammographies and other related women’s health issues.

“I stand here before you to tell you directly that is an outright lie,” he said, adding that he co-sponsored a 1988 bill mandating mammography coverage by all insurance companies and that twice a year he has a mammography van outside his district office.

Padavan also spoke about his work involving domestic violence issues, child support, environmental issues and funding for organizations.