Ice Fire Land is a Taiwanese delight

Far too often, it feels as though dinner is a rushed inconvenience. With long work hours and short preparation time, it’s hard to sit and enjoy a meal for a couple of hours – inevitably, we think about everything else we could be doing.

To make meals fit into our schedules we grab hand-held versions and stuff our faces while driving home. Or we dutifully line up at the feeding trough and take whatever is given – as long as it is fast. This is not eating for pleasure, but rather, for fuel.

This is no way to eat.

At Ice Fire Land (I.F. Land) in Flushing, the rush you feel comes from the sudden knowledge that what you are experiencing is unique, authentic and thoroughly enjoyable. Each seat at I.F. Land is equipped with its own fire-powered Taiwanese hot pot, giving the individual eater full control over the dining event.

As soon as you are seated, the waitress brings each person a bowl of vegetables and other things to boil. Bok choy, taro, egg, sheet tofu, glass noodles, tomatoes, pumpkin and what seems like an entire head of cabbage are placed down, awaiting the rolling boil. Patrons have a choice of chicken broth, spicy broth and an herbal broth – all with unique flavors. Laborious work goes into each broth, as they are allowed to stew overnight for maximum taste.

Ordering is easy at I.F. Land. Patrons have the choice of beef, lamb, pork, chicken or lean beef, as well as a meat combination option. The meats are thinly sliced, to allow for quick cooking – just a short dip in the broth and they are ready to be savored. And if you are unsure about how exactly to go about eating this cuisine, worry not – the courteous staff will gladly help you along the way.

The seafood is a can’t-miss menu item. I.F. Land boasts scallops, oysters, squid, shrimp and flounder among their options. The seafood is clean, sweet and super fresh – having been delivered that day.

Even before you begin cooking your broth to personal specifications, there is a mandatory trip to the spice bar. There, diners concoct their own blend of special dipping sauces using ingredients such as garlic, chili sauce, scallions and an array of sweet and tangy sauces. Each meal, no matter what, is completely unique to the eater – with each flavor personalized and made to order.

I.F. Land is spacious, clean and infused with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The ingredients are purchased daily to ensure freshness – and the food is healthy, low calorie and all natural.

Surely you have time for that, right?


Ice Fire Land

135-11 40th Road

Flushing, NY 11354

Tel: 718-886-8600

Hours: Sunday through Thursday, 12 p.m. – 12 a.m.

Friday, Saturday, 12 p.m. – 1 a.m.

Beer, wine

Take Out

Visa, MasterCard


Available for private parties

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