Boy, 7, handcuffed at school

A seven-year-old boy was handcuffed by officers at a Maspeth school recently after becoming upset while coloring Easter eggs, according to The Daily News.

The report says that a first-grader at P.S. 153, Joseph Anderson, was cuffed and taken to Elmhurst Hospital Center for what the NYPD deemed “threatening behavior.”

When the eggs being colored by Anderson, who has ADHD, delayed speech and emotional problems according to The Daily News, did not come out as he wanted, he became upset and called for his mother.

His mother was called, but did not the school before he was taken to the hospital in handcuffs, the report says.

The report also states the school tried to calm the first grader down before calling for outside help to try protect the boy and his classmates. (Click here to read the full story)