It is your money

President Obama’s budget speech of April 13 confirms how quickly and successfully America’s values and principles have been compromised. Consider his lies and the false premise that a tax cut is government expenditure. A “tax cut” is “government spending” only if you assume the wealth of citizens belongs to the government. As self-appointed chief accountant and arbiter of our needs, he imperiously declared “Warren Buffet doesn’t need a tax cut.” To whom does the money belong in the first place?

The president defends raising taxes because we must all pay our “fair share” so no one group “bears all the burden.” The inconvenient truth is that 10 percent of the top earners pay 70 percent of the federal taxes. Almost 50 percent of citizens pay no taxes at all, and 30 percent of those receive welfare in the form of earned income tax credit.

Our property rights have been redefined, actions monitored and regulated and our choices limited. I don’t think a government that bans food and lunches from home, controls our health care, stifles individual initiatives, nurtures dependence on government assistance and “body searches” 6 and 8-year-olds at the airport, is capable of keeping us healthy or safe.

It is incomprehensible and frustrating to see so many willing to cede so many freedoms for a failed and discredited progressive vision of a utopia of security and entitlements.

Ed Konecnik



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