Weiner says GOP budget will impact environment

On this 41st annual Earth Day, Congressmember Anthony Weiner has issued a report to highlight the impact the proposed Republican budget could have on New York’s environment.
The proposed budget would severely cut funding for projects that protect drinking water, national parks, waterways and more, said Weiner.
According to Weiner’s report, The Drinking Water Revolving Fund and The Clean Water Revolving Fund would be cut by $54.1 million and $283 million, respectively. These funds ensure clean and safe drinking water for city residents.
National Parks would also be affected. Gateway National Park’s funding will face a 13 percent cut. This would lead to fewer park rangers which could allow park facilities to deteriorate with less supervision. The city faces $5 million total in cuts to its national parks.
Funding for the long-term prevention plan for storm-damage that is currently underway at Jamaica Bay would be jeopardized because of a $400,000 cut. Marshland restoration projects would also be delayed.
“The draconian GOP budget proposal would slash vital funding for projects that protect our beautiful green spaces, national parks and waterways,” Weiner said. “The future of our city’s natural treasures shouldn’t be subjected to the whims of Republicans in Washington who care only about appeasing the most extreme elements of their party.”

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