Amicable, hairy pig found near College Point Corporate Park

Wilbur the Pig looks out from his temporary residence at the Manhattan Animal Care & Control Center in Manhattan Tuesday, two days after being apprehended near the College Point Corporate Park. Photo by Christina Santucci
By Christina Santucci

A friendly pig masquerading as a wild boar was found near the College Point Corporate Park and will be forsaking the urban life for a farm outside the city.

Police received a call at about 2:15 p.m. Sunday reporting a loose pig at College Point Boulevard and 31st Avenue, according to Richard Gentiles of the city Animal Care & Control. The officers found and then transported the animal inside a plastic carrier in the back of their squad car to the animal control center in Manhattan, Gentiles said.

Officials from the center declared the 58-pound, one-year-old male animal to be a pig — with possibly some boar genes — because it lacks tusks and seems accustomed to people.

Nevertheless, the frisky and gregarious pig is covered with coarse brown and gray splotches of hair.

“The boars, they are very distinct, and their snouts are very long,” Gentiles said.

Lisa Ortiz, assistant manager of the center in Manhattan, said workers there dubbed the pig Wilbur and pointed out that it wags his tail when called by name.

“He appears to be a pet because he was very friendly. He wasn’t charging, wasn’t snorting, wasn’t stamping his foot,” Gentiles said.

Wilbur is the first pig to be found this year by Animal Care & Control — only one was recovered last year.

“In New York City, they have pigs in zoos or in exhibits, but with a permit only. You can’t own a pig as a pet,” Gentiles said.

At the Manhattan center, hay was laid out on the ground for Wilbur. Employees had filled a small tub to be used as a bath, but most of the water had either been spilled or drunk.

“We didn’t have a little mud pit for him,” Gentiles joked.

On Tuesday morning, Wilbur snacked on vegetable- and fruit-flavored rabbit treats but shunned the morsels made with carrots as well as the whole carrots in its bowl.

Gentiles declined to name the animal sanctuary where Wilbur will be sent, but said the pig will be treated well.

“He is going to a good place. He is going to be well taken care of,” Gentiles said.

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