Confusion on McDonald’s subway ad targeting riders

I would like to comment about the June 17 article “Sanders not lovin’ A train ad.”

The thing is that he just does not get it. Years ago, I used to ride the Long Island Rail Road in and out of the city because I worked around the corner from Penn Station.

I worked until about 1 a.m. I caught the 1:20 a.m. train to Port Washington, L.I., because I live in Douglaston.

My biggest fear was falling asleep and waking up in Port Washington — not because I had anything against Port Washington, but because it was the last stop on the train and there was not another train back for two hours.

Actually, I would have preferred to be “Unless, of course, you live there.”

That was the meaning of the ad: Have coffee so you do not fall asleep and miss your stop. It was not meant as a dig at Far Rockaway.

Jerry Schreibersdorf


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