Don’t be a nanny, focus on more important issues

Is state Assemblyman David Weprin (D-Little Neck) running for head nanny of New York (“Weprin bill aims to keep kids smoke-free in cars,” June 16)?

This new regulation would have to be enforced by our already-overwhelmed and overworked police. Weprin believes it is worthwhile, even if it only saves one life. Common sense tells drivers not to drink coffee, smoke with our children in the car, read, put on makeup, talk on cell phones or text while driving.

Automobile insurers use common sense and offer discounts to those who practice safe driving. Drivers are aware that any distraction might momentarily result in a loss of concentration with unknown consequences. Just how far should the government go in the role of nanny? Weprin appears willing to go as far as possible.

What is next? Will he propose that automobile manufacturers install in-house cameras on all new cars? They could assist Big Brother by recording the history of all drivers once they turn on the ignition.

Weprin should both worry about more important issues such as education, employment, crime, environment, housing, transportation and excessive levels of confiscatory taxation, along with reducing the state’s $60 billion, long-term budget deficit and future years’ multibillion-dollar shortfalls.

Larry Penner

Great Neck

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