What a show

The show to watch this past week was the brilliantly-orchestrated one in our state capitol. Our-newly minted but well versed governor, Andrew Cuomo, proved to be the leader of the pack that we all hoped he would become. He is there, he has got it.
What a difference a governor can make. Remember the dysfunctional clown-like legislative shenanigans of the last Paterson enclave? It was a legislature gone wild.
Not so this year. Cuomo efficiently delivered an on-time balanced budget, ethics reforms, renewed and expanded rent regulations, provided a cap on upstate real estate taxes and shepherded the equality in marriage bill, making New York the largest state to recognize gay unions thus far.
There were no threats, no angry outbursts and no supercilious distractions like senators changing parties or forming cabals to disrupt the legislative process.
Cuomo was able to work with cast of characters he inherited, including Senate GOP boss Dean Skelos and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.
Now Cuomo has been advising his staff not to talk of presidential races — not yet anyway. We could not agree more, we want him as a governor for at least two full terms.
Way to go Andy – Wow.

What a Show II

Bravo to the city council and its Queens delegation for quietly and efficiently negotiating settlements with Mayor Michael Bloomberg on several potentially nasty budget points which threatened thousands of teachers jobs and the closing of 20 fire houses.
Bloomberg won one item he proposed – approval for livery cabs to respond to street hails — yet he lost out on the rest of his threatened “doom’s day” cuts.
But showman and entrepreneur that he is, he made the gigantic leap onto the gay marriage bandwagon. He immediately issued orders to his agencies to push for NYCIDO!
He immediately invited gay couples to come to New York City, say their “I Do’s” in our historic and beautiful attractions like the Empire State Building, Coney Island and any or our other romantic venues.
Bloomy sees the tremendous profit potential and new jobs growth in becoming the tourist Mecca for same sex unions.

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