Updated “I Love NY” logo is heartless

Photo courtesy of Governor Andrew Cuomo's office

New York’s iconic “I Love NY” campaign is now heartless.

Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced an update to the memorable “I Love NY” campaign featuring different New York-centric items replacing the logo’s heart.

“This campaign reinvents one of our state’s great assets — the ‘I Love NY’ icon — which is known the world over as one of the most successful advertising symbols ever,” Cuomo said. “This campaign brings that icon to life in order to highlight all of the things people love about New York.”

Among the objects standing in place of the heart are thoroughbreds, wine glasses and Niagara Falls.

The “I Love NY” logo was originally created in the mid-70s by Milton Glaser.

Glaser recently told the New York Post that he was contacted to be part of the new ad campaign only after significant work had been done.

“I saw one that said, ‘I Pizza NY.’ I don’t get it,” Glaser told the Post.

Residents can remake the logo with what they adore about New York online at www.iloveny.com or submit@followyourheartny.com. Select drawings may be used to replace the heart in “I Love NY” in new ads focused on New York’s many different experiences in future campaigns.

The new ads are part of a $5 million tourism marketing campaign. The “I Love NY” ad campaign is expected to expand to feature other tourism seasons in the future.

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