CJ Sullivan’s gets a makeover

THE COURIER/photo by Alexa Altman

Every neighborhood prides itself on “the place” — the down-the-block eatery and watering hole where co-workers grab a cold one and shake off the day. CJ Sullivan’s, Bayside’s brew hub that draws a crowd of regulars like moths to a flame, is rolling out a revamped, sophisticated menu. With the assistance of youthful-yet-skilled chef Jackson Yorden, whose southern influence brings panache to longtime bar favorites, the lineup blends upscale taste with hearty portions.

The crab cake, seasoned with lemon zest, tarragon and fennel, stood out as an innovative take on a standard dish. Accompanied by a summer melon salad and red pepper slaw, it transcended expectations and would give any seafood restaurant a run for its money.

The house made lamb burger, topped with feta cheese, grilled onions and a giant slab of tomato, was absolutely incredible. The meaty sandwich was served with thick-cut potato wedges and an unbelievable blue cheese dipping sauce. Our mouths are still watering just thinking about it.

The lobster macaroni and cheese was sinfully rich and creamy, sprinkled with homemade herbed bread crumb topping. The dish blends four cheeses — mozzarella, goat cheese, Pecorino and Romano — into a gooey, noodle-filled masterpiece. While it might seem a little “white table cloth” for a neighborhood pub, we can’t wait to chow down on a bowl while watching the big game.

With tried-and-true bar favorites and new, revamped culinary classics, CJ Sullivan’s is bringing the people of Bayside what they’ve been craving.

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