Goodbye and Good Riddance to Statue

Dear Editor:

I am pleased to know that there are efforts to remove the statue “Civic Virtue” from the prominent position it now holds at the corner of Union Turnpike and Queens Boulevard in Kew Gardens.

This was an action that the Center for Women and previous Queens women had advocated over 15 years ago when Queens President Claire Schulman was in office. At that time, she was also in favor of moving it but needed funds to finance what would require extensive funds.

Since that time, other public officials have also expressed their wish for removal. Queens Borough President Helen Marshall, former Rep. Anthony Weiner and City Council Member Julissa Ferreras, who is also head of the Council Women’s Issued Committee have all joined the many who find it insulting to women.

We are happy to know that the family of MacMonnies is going to pay for the statue to be restored and moved to Green-Wood Cemetery. We look forward to a good resolution of what has been a contentious issue. We would be thrilled to see some work of art that celebrates the tremendous contribution of the outstanding women in public service as Geraldine Ferraro and many other women that Queens has produced.

Ann Juliano Jawin
Chair and Founder
Center for the Women of New York

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