Long Island City best neighborhood for single women to find men

Map: Trulia

If you are looking for love ladies, then try Long Island City.

The Queens neighborhood is the best area in the city for single women to find single men, according to real estate website Trulia.com.

To come up with that conclusion, Trulia, using Census data, compared the ratio of women to men living alone in each neighborhood, subtracting estimates of the gay and lesbian population, and individuals over 65 years old.

Though single people sometimes have roommates, the website found in a love and housing survey that only 14 percent of bachelors and bachelorettes prefer to date someone who lives with other people.

Data showed that typically there are more single women in large metro areas than single men.

The New York City-New Jersey metro area ranked fourth in the ratio of women living alone to man living alone at 1.07 to 1, preceded by Boston, Washington D.C. and the Bethesda-Rockville-Frederick, Maryland region.  Las Vegas, Honolulu and the Palm Bay-Melbourne-Titusville, Florida area had the highest ratio of males living alone to females.

Looking at each New York City neighborhood, the Upper East Side’s 10021 zip code, covering most of the East 70s, is where men should go to pick up the ladies, with almost two women living alone for every man who lives alone. Long Island City, as well as other parts of Queens and Lower Manhattan, is where women should head to find a date, with the highest ratio of single males living alone to females.



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