Star of Queens: Bryan White, president of the board, J-CAP Foundation


COMMUNITY SERVICE:  Bryan White works with the Jamaica Community of Adolescents Programs (J-CAP) as president of the board. White’s father, Thomas White Jr., founded the J-CAP Foundation in 1980.

“J-CAP Foundation is an outreach initiative,” explained White. “We reach out to the community and help with substance abuse, job creation, empowerment and education.”

White has been president of the board since 2009. He oversees projects and partners with other organizations within the community to provide opportunities such as scholarships for high school students entering college.

White also works for the US Equal Employment and Opportunity Commission. He was recently named “Federal Employee of the Year for Outreach and Community.”

BACKGROUND:  White was born in Queens in 1958 and has lived in the borough his whole life. His mother was an entrepreneur and his father was councilmember for District 28.

“I guess you could say we’ve been rooted in Queens for quite some time,” he said.

FAVORITE MEMORY:  “As far as my memories of being part of this community go, I’d say that the work that my father has done and how much it has improved this Jamaica area is the best.”

White’s vision is to carry on his father’s legacy.

“He was councilmember for 20 years and he was a district leader,” White said. “Now the work he’s done is being passed onto his family and the foundation.”

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: “I think the biggest challenge is being able to provide opportunities for young men and women once they leave school,” White said. “There’s too much crime and not enough opportunities, not enough chances in life to be productive.”

INSPIRATION: White is inspired by his father and the positive effect that his efforts have had on the community. He said one of his personal mottos is, “When you’re serving others, the rewards are endless.”

“What inspires me the most is my friends and family,” White said. “We’re close knit. My family has been given opportunities, and I feel we need to give back. We got to go to school, and now we’re given the chance to help others, not everyone gets that.”

BY LUKE TABET                                                                                                      



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