Parks needs to take care of trees

With all the rainfall this area has experienced, there is the risk of trees snapping or falling due to the enormous amount of water their root and trunk systems have absorbed.

Also, the soil in which the roots are planted is almost like mud. There is nothing really there to hold the roots in place. Also, if a tree is already diseased or weakened, this could also contribute to it falling or snapping.

The Forestry Division of the city Parks Department needs to do general inspections of all trees in city parks and playgrounds and along city streets. With hurricane season coming into full swing soon, this issue could become more serious.

The safety of the public cannot and must not be compromised. Thousands of residents use our parks and playgrounds for recreation. Their safety must always be a priority of the Parks Department.

This is one area of government where the budget should not be reduced.

John Amato

Fresh Meadows

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