Viva La Comida brings food and fun to Jackson Heights

THE COURIER/ Photos by Johann Hamilton


For the second year in a row, Viva La Comida lives on.

Hundreds of hungry New Yorkers descended upon 82nd Street in Jackson Heights on Friday, September 20 to take part in Viva La Comida, a festival featuring some of the best food in New York City. Combined with fantastic music, party-goers ate and danced the night away in one of the borough’s most dynamic and diverse neighborhoods.

“I was hoping they would have this event again this year, but I didn’t know if it was actually happening” said Will Morales, who moved to Jackson Heights with his family shortly before last year’s festival. “Seeing people here of all different cultures having a good time makes us feel so welcomed here. Hopefully this becomes an annual tradition.”

Viva La Comida, which basically translates to “Long Live Food,” offers not only some of the best fare in the city, but also an art exhibition from Hibridos Collective, an interdisciplinary organization that seeks to use community-based art practices to re-shape how people see their neighborhood. There was also live music from various bands, as well as a dance competition.

“Events like this are what make this city so great,” said Adelia Evans. “I love that we live in a city with this much variety. I don’t just mean cultural variety, but variety of food and music, too.”

Viva La Comida was started last year by the 82nd Street Partnership. By highlighting the cultural diversity of Jackson Heights, Viva La Comida is instrumental in promoting the small businesses in the area, as well as encouraging entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. More information can be found at www.vivalacomida.com.



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