Car thefts spike in south Queens: 21 stolen in 28 days

THE COURIER/Photo by Liam LaGuerre

Car thefts in south Queens are up nearly double what they were at this time last year.

The 106th Precinct reported on Sunday that 21 car thefts had hit the region in the prior 28 days, up from just 12 last year.

Twenty of those thefts happened just north of the Belt Parkway within a block or two, including on Cross Bay Boulevard, Liberty Avenue, Rockaway Parkway, Lefferts Boulevard and North Conduit Avenue.

“It is quite clear these car thieves are very mindful of their escape route with an obvious emphasis on a quick escape route out of the area,” said the precinct report.

Seven of the thefts occurred after the victims left their keys in the ignition, with the car unattended. The precinct said this happened when drivers wanted to warm up their cars in the cold weather or while unloading packages.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the 106th Precinct.