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News from the 112th Precinct Community Council

Just Don’t Open The Door

Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown, Executive Assistant District Attorney Jesse Sligh and Assistant Chief Diana Pizzuti took part in a crime discussion at the 112th Precinct Community Council’s meeting last Thursday night, Apr. 24, in Forest Hills.

During the meeting, the speakers noted that people dressed in a uniform may ring someone’s door, claiming to be from a government agency or utility company. The suggestion made to residents was simple: Do not open the door.

Last week, there was a horrible home invasion in Bayside. In the past, there have been similar incidents in our community. There were people ringing doorbells asking residents if they could come into their homes or apartments. We have had people pretending to be utility workers.

I have been notified that, at times, there have been people in apartment buildings going door to door.

Remember, if you see people in the community that look suspicious, you should call 911. The police will respond. If you see someone suspicious going door to door, also call 911.

If someone suspicious rings your bell and you do not let them in, help your neighbors by calling 911 so that the police can respond.

Also remember to ask for identification if the individual claims to be from a utility company or doing repair work. You can then call the company to see if they are real before you let them in.

If you are in an apartment building, check with your superintendent before you allow anyone to come in to see if you need repairs.

But never open the door and talk to anyone suspicious. If they are criminals, they can overpower you and force their way into your residence.

The rule is simple: Do not open the door.

Other news

We have a new executive officer at the 112th Precinct, Capt. Hugh Bogle. We welcomed him to our community last Thursday night. He will be working with Capt. Thomas Conforti, commanding officer, to help our community.

You are invited to like the 112th Precinct Community Council Facebook page at www.facebook.com/112thPrecinctCo mmunityCouncil. In addition, you can follow the 112th Precinct Council on Twitter @112thpctcouncil. Captain Conforti is now using the precinct’s official Twitter page, @NYPD112pct.

Editor’s note: Heidi Harrison Chain is president of the 112th Precinct Community Council.

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