Bayside author heads to the garden for her new book

By Shanna Fuld

Bayside author Kim Cunniffe has taken her experiences as a tutor of young students and turned them into a new book to help inspire children to think positively.

“The Friendly Flower” tells the story of Tilly, a young girl who wanders out into her garden and meets a happy flower. This friendly little bloom asks Tilly if the young girl is thinking happy thoughts.

If Tilly focuses on the positive and concentrates on things she likes, she will feel good, the flower says.

“If you’re going to think anything, think thoughts of light,” Cunniffe said. “Anyone can be helped just by having a positive thought.”

Cunniffe turned to writing after coming across one too many children’s books that failed to include an interesting story line or important message, she said.

Letting her imagination run wild, Cunniffe said she included a lot of fun imagery that came to her throughout the process after she prayed to God.

And even though the Christian book publisher Tate is releasing Cunniffe’s story, she opted to leave any discussion of a higher power out of her tale.

“It’s not religious, and I didn’t include God because some parents are sensitive to that,” Cunniffe said.

As a tutor, Cunniffe works with students who show potential but need extra help with their reading skills.

She hopes parents will take time to read her book to their children.

“This could help change the world,” she said. “It can stay with them their whole lives.”

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