Mona #2 cr20x20@72
Photos courtesy of Jean-Marie Guyaux


Jean-Marie Guyaux is a freelance photographer who studied at the School of Visual Arts and the New School of Social Research prior to launching a prolific career that runs the gamut of photography from fashion to celebrity.

Born in Belgium but now living in Astoria, Guyaux transplanted his studio from Manhattan to Long Island City in 2010. He has primarily focused his photography on projects reflecting his social and political interests. Within the past four years, his work has been exhibited in over thirty galleries spanning both coasts of the U.S. as well as overseas in Bologna and Barcelona.

As of late, the visual artist has discovered the fascinating domain of the manipulated pixels, and entered the world of New Media Art. His digital prints find their birth in the raw data of a personal file.  The few thousand pixels of the original image are then subverted to such transformation that the initial content only serves as a construct to an entirely new physicality. The underlying data of the original is manipulated and distorted via graphic and music software to reappear as a new layer of pixels—creating a psychedelic tableau suitable for reproduction.

“A subject born as a representation becomes an abstraction, leading to a visual experience of new wonders,” explains Guyaux. “The resulting body of work is a kaleidoscope of symbolic, and at times abstract images, as well as an acerbic commentary about how violence reflects on some pillars of American society.”

In this issue, Guyaux shares with us a selection of images from his series entitled Icons.