Mayor reassures Muslim community in Queens

Mayor reassures Muslim community in Queens
Photo by Sadef Kully
By Sadef Ali Kully

As federal authorities pieced together the reasons behind the fatal shooting that left 14 dead last week in San Bernadino, Calif., Mayor Bill de Blasio joined the Muslim community at the Jamaica Muslim Center Friday to condemn the attacks.

Hundreds of members of the congregation, the young and old, gathered to welcome the mayor during a time when Muslims across the world face criticism as attacks on innocent lives in the name of their religion hits media headlines.

After Muslim leaders condemned the attacks in Paris and California, the mayor was welcomed by loud applause.

De Blasio said, “This city is a stronger city, because every kind of community exists here. We are a stronger city because of the Muslim community here. This community wants a relationship with the city.”

“This Muslim community of New York City is an ally in the fight against terror,” he said. “We need to be clear. The people of this community desire peace and harmony and understand a sad fact: when acts of terror occur, all communities suffer.”

De Blasio said violence against any community is not tolerated and would be pursued as a hate crime by the NYPD.

The Jamaica Muslim Center, also known as Masjid Al-Mamoor, is a multi-purpose mosque which caters to religious studies, prayers, celebration, after-school programs and food service for all denominations at 85-37 168th St. in Jamaica.

At the event many Muslim men, who fear a backlash against the community said they worked hard, enjoyed their families and had big dreams for their children to do great things, just like every individual in this country.

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