A part of Verizon building collapsed onto the street damaging 6 cars in Elmhurst

THE COURIER/Photos by Josef Pinlac

A huge outer portion of a Verizon building in Elmhurst collapsed onto the street below early Thursday morning after a long night of torrential rain and windstorms.

No one was hurt when the piece fell off the structure at around 1 a.m, according to a Verizon spokesperson. Six cars were damaged when they were hit down below, according to reports.

The building is located on Broadway and Vietor Avenue. Vietor Avenue was still closed late Thursday morning as the debris was being cleared.

According to an eyewitness on the scene, the building looked as if water and wind damage from last night’s storm weakened the side of the building, causing the exterior wall of the building to slide off in thin chunks.

The Verizon spokesperson said that both the building and the information network were fully operational by Thursday morning and the company is investigating the cause of the collapse.

“We’re assessing the situation,” the spokesperson said.

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