Second half of Evergreen Park makeover in Glendale gets green light from Board 5

Evergreen Park
QNS/File photo

Plans for the second phase of construction on Evergreen Park in Glendale have been unanimously approved by Community Board 5 (CB 5).

The $2.4 million project — which was funded by the New York City Council, Borough President Melinda Katz and the Mayor’s Office — will enhance 1.8 acres of the two playground sections of Evergreen Park, west of the multipurpose asphalt area.

Steven Fiedler, chair of the CB 5 Parks Committee, presented the plans to the full board and described what changes and additions will be made during the second phase of construction.

According to the plans, this project will:

  • Upgrade and enhance the project area’s pre-existing facilities;
  • Create new site amenities including a playground for ages 5 to 12;
  • Increase play opportunity for children including creative play features;
  • Create a community space with flexible uses;
  • Increase the park’s green space by including canopy trees; and
  • Accommodate the teachers, students and parents of P.S. 68 with education, exercise and after-school opportunities.

The playground area is separated into two sites. One of the sites will have a swing area with 10 swings for children ages 2 to 5, while the second playground area will have the play equipment and new seating areas.

“It’s going to be completely redesigned,” Fiedler said of the second playground area within this phase of construction. “The seating area is going to be redesigned with new benches, and there will be benches and tables in the new area.”

One of the important aspects of this design is the line of sight throughout the park, allowing parents and teachers to be able to see their children and students from wherever they may be inside the playground area.

“Nothing is blocking anything,” Fiedler said. “Anywhere you walk in you have a line of sight. So if the police need to look in, if teachers need to watch their kids, it’s completely clear and they can see through.”

The new playground will also be adorned with new trees and plants to not only provide much-needed shade around the park, but to beautify it as well.

This current phase is the second of three phases. The third phase will rehabilitate the multipurpose asphalt area of the park once funding becomes available.

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