Give your floors some hex appeal with six-sided tiles

Design-savvy homeowners are forever on the hunt for that next special touch that will turn heads and maybe even set trends. When you’re working with porcelain and ceramic tile, how far from usual should you venture? As long as your design is timeless and not too trendy, it’s probably within today’s boundaries.

Hexagon or six-sided tile options come in a number of sizes, hues, textures and bold patterns. A feature wall, bathtub surround, entryway floor, or a kitchen backsplash of contemporary hexagonal tile makes a unique impact on your design, and will impress your guests. Go bolder with the emerging design trend of larger sized hexagonal floor tiles such as the 10 inch hexagonal tiles pictured below in our Stately Stone collection.


It’s no secret that “big” is in style, so why not go with a large-format tile floor design that features small contrasting hexagonal floor tiles as the medium? You could even create a unique shape and make a hexagon tile “rug” as part of your floor tile design. Let’s take a look at three tile collections offering hexagon tile options; a brick-look, a wood-look and a glass tile.

Second City

Brick-look tile was a very popular design trend as 2016 came to a close and is even hotter in 2017. Our Second City collection painstakingly recreates the look, feel and aura of authentic urban brick in an Italian porcelain tile. The collection offers 4 colors and 4 brick sized options while the 8” x 11” hexagon offering brings a new twist to this collection. Rounding out the collection are gorgeous trim pieces, mosaics and even stair treads.


Wood Medley

A new, unique wood-look tile collection from Italy, Wood Medley was born out of envisioning different types of woods in both plank and unconventional shapes. Even the mosaics have been reimagined. The 9.5 inch by 14 inch hexagonal offerings come in two varieties, a solid color and with a border. The collection also features 6 inch by 36 inch wood-look plank and a mid-century style 3.5 inch by 14 inch skinny plank. These tiles are equally at home on floors and walls.



Timberland is a unique glass tile collection made from recycled glass that looks like wood and comes in 6 colors. This collection is suitable for floors without heavy traffic and walls, especially backsplashes. Glass tile allows light to pass through which gives it much more color depth than a picture can show. We recommend pairing Timberland with a grout made for glass tile such as Dimension grout. This specialized grout is designed to allow light to pass through it and not take away from the glass tile properties.


If you’re creating a hexagonal tile design, start with these inspirational ideas. When you’re ready to choose the perfect tile for your home, the experts at Tiles Unlimited are ready to assist. Before you head over, don’t forget to grab the exclusive $600 off discount offer for readers of QNS.com by clicking here.

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