Allegedly drunk Flushing man shot up his apartment & had big stash of guns: reports

Photos by Robert Stridiron

Flushing man who called 911 about a purported intruder in his home wound up in handcuffs after responding officers discovered his huge stockpile of weapons, police reported.

On March 25, police received a call of shots fired at a residence on Mulberry Avenue at around 5:30 a.m., according to law enforcement sources. WABC-TV reported that the man claimed that an armed assailant was inside the house.

Upon arriving at the home, officers from the 109th Precinct discovered 46-year-old resident Alan Hoo, who had made the call from inside his apartment. Surrounding Hoo were over a dozen guns, knives and ammunition. Police reportedly also found bullet holes throughout the apartment, WABC-TV reported.

Hoo appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and prescription drugs, according to law enforcement sources. Police did not say whether Hoo was home alone at the time.

Hoo was taken to an area hospital for evaluation before being placed under arrest. He has been charged five counts of criminal possession in the third degree, reckless endangerment and unlawful possession of fireworks.

Throughout the day on Sunday, officers removed various weapons from the residence and placed them into an NYPD car in brown paper bags.


The 109th Precinct announced the weapons seizure on Twitter.

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