Photos: St. John’s Cemetery to demolish ’50s-era chapel

The only weekly pre-Vatican II mass in Queens is coming to an end at the home it has had since 2004.

The old-rite mass conducted wholly in Latin has been held in a little-known chapel on the grounds of St. John’s Cemetery in Middle Village. Now the chapel is slated for demolition.

The mass draws 60-80 people each week, with some coming from as far as New Jersey and Long Island. It is a throwback to a time when female worshipers wore mantilla to mass and communion was given only by a priest’s hand.

“It’s not for everybody,” said Bishop James Massa, who oversees the unusual rite.

In October, the group will move to a diocesan church in Bayside, where it will share Sundays with the modern mass.

Here’s a glimpse inside the chapel on one of its final days in its original home.

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