Fresh Meadows artist to unveil public art murals

Anderson’s permanent installed murals will be unveiled Nov. 30.
Courtesy of Rob Anderson
By Carlotta Mohamed

A local artist is bringing street art to Fresh Meadows.

Rob Anderson is preparing to unveil his new public murals Nov. 30. He’s a visual artist who looks at any space as an opportunity and with bold lines and shapes to ignite his audience’s innate connection to creativity, .

Anderson’s community inspired murals entitled “Kittizens of Fresh Meadows” portrays everyday people as cats — an inspiration he says stemmed from his love of animals.

The permanent installations will be displayed at 190th Street (opposite AMC) at Fresh Meadows Place.

“In the murals the cats are jumping in and out of playful architecture, so it’s kind of like a playground for cats and giving people sort of an animal side to them,” said Anderson. “They’re big bold colorful creations that’s kind of like a kids book… very reminiscent of a playful NYC architecture and these fun cats hanging out, going in and out of the arches.”

Anderson began painting the murals in mid-October with help from family and friends. He believes the public art murals will add a lot of value to the neighborhood where there isn’t any visible street art.

“There’s an innocence to them that I think if another person looks at it they can be inspired and say I can go home and do something like this,” he said. “I think that if the right people see this it might inspire a tradition of wanting to color the walls in this neighborhood more.”

Federal Realty has partnered with Anderson to create a public art program over the next couple of years at Fresh Meadows Place, one of the area’s most prominent destinations.

“Public art draws a community together and enlivens underutilized spaces,” said Bryan Furze, vice president of Federal Realty Investment Trust. “We strive to create community centers where people may gather and share experiences. Rob’s whimsical murals bring excitement and new energy to Fresh Meadows, as we work to enhance the connection with our neighbors and the destination for our visitors.”

Additionally, the Queens artist has collaborated with brands such as Steve Madden, Dr. Martens, Absurda Design and Wingman Magazine. His passion is always to inspire his audience to come alive.

Anderson has also done community work with organizations such as the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW), Kingsbridge Heights Community Center (KHCC), and St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital.

He has recently exhibited during Basel art week with Spectrum Miami. His art can be found throughout New York City, Miami, and on random napkins coffee cups and cardboard boxes.

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