Why we should all stop eating at McDonald’s

By Nicole Cantos

I write to you to express my shame toward a place I frequented and adored during my childhood years.

I would like to express my disbelief of McDonald’s and its apathetic treatment toward animals.

I write to you in solidarity of all animals, that just like us, feel — feel our inhumanity, feel our gluttony, feel our indifference — and we need to make a difference today.

Together, we can demur McDonald’s prolonged policy that allows animal abuse in their supply chain.

For example, the core of their notorious McNuggets is the pain.

The chickens are not only crammed in filthy cages that are far too small to live compassionately, but grow in aberrant speeds and are often unable to support the weight of their own bodies, which causes their constant, severe pain.

Essentially, they are bred for pain.

The green pasture days are long gone and McDonald’s, as a profiteer of this truth, should be held accountable for the irresponsible brutality they execute in their supply chain.

McDonald’s is lagging behind its competitors — Burger King, Subway and Starbucks, to name a few — which is surprising coming from an enterprise that advertises to children, who are our future.

What kind of example are we demonstrating if what they see is cruelty instead of compassion?

Let’s reconsider our eating habits and its sources, and demand for better animal welfare, if not for our animals, then for our children.

Nicole Cantos


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